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1996 Yellow Seadoo XP 787

The Legendary 1995-1996 Seadoo XP Review

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Step into the past of 1995-1996 and prepare to ride the waves aboard the thrilling 1995 and iconic 1996 Seadoo XP jet ski. These high-performance jet skis were part of Sea-Doo’s third-generation XP models, designed for an unforgettable impact. Featuring a race-inspired X-4 hull and a potent 110 HP, 2-stroke Rotax engine, the 1996 Seadoo XP was built for both speed and agility. Its distinctive hood design, coupled with a striking yellow color scheme adorned with pink decals, set it apart. Embraced by racers and performance enthusiasts, the XP 800’s exceptional performance and sleek design continue to mesmerize fans. Let’s delve into the specifications and review of these legendary Seadoo XP models.


The 1996 Seadoo XP 800 model was a high-performance jet ski that boasted impressive specifications. This model was almost identical to its predecessor, the 1995 XP 800 Limited. The XP 800 featured a sleek and innovative hull design known as the X-4 hull, which was inspired by racing models. It was powered by a 110 HP, 2-stroke Rotax twin engine, providing riders with a thrilling and exhilarating experience. With its powerful engine and cutting-edge design, the 1996 Seadoo XP was an exciting addition to the Sea-Doo lineup.

X-4 Hull Design

The standout feature of the 1996 Seadoo XP 800 was its X-4 hull design, also seen in its predecessor, the XP 800 Limited. This race-inspired hull allowed precise water navigation with streamlined shape for less drag and improved performance. This made the XP 800 a popular choice among performance riders. It enabled the XP 800 to glide through the water with ease, whether on open waters or tight turns, providing thrilling and responsive rides with exceptional handling and cornering ability. It allowed riders to have greater control and maneuverability on the water.

My 1996 Seadoo XP Complete Rebuild In 2 Parts

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At the heart of the 1996 Seadoo XP 800 was its powerful and reliable engine. The XP 800 was equipped with a Rotax engine, offering a 2-stroke design that delivered impressive performance on the water. With a displacement of 782cc, this engine generated a whopping 110 horsepower, providing riders with an adrenaline-pumping experience. The XP 800 also featured dual Mikuni carbs, ensuring optimal fuel delivery for maximum power and efficiency. Additionally, the engine boasted R.A.V.E. exhaust valves, which helped enhance overall performance and improve throttle response.

1996 Seadoo XP 787 Engine

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Top Speed

One of the most exciting aspects of the 1996 Seadoo XP 800 was its top speed. This high-performance jet ski was capable of reaching an estimated top speed of around 56-58 mph. It’s important to note that several factors could potentially affect the top speed, such as water conditions, rider weight, and any modifications made to the jet ski. Nonetheless, with its powerful engine and sleek design, the XP 800 was built to deliver thrilling speed and excitement on the water.

Weight Limit

The 1996 Seadoo XP 800 had a weight limit of 352 pounds. This weight limit included the weight of the rider, any additional passengers, and any cargo on board. It’s essential to adhere to weight limits as exceeding them can significantly affect the jet ski’s performance. Exceeding the weight limit may result in reduced speed, decreased maneuverability, and overall decreased performance. Therefore, it’s crucial to consider the weight limit when using and enjoying the XP 800.

Fuel Tank Capacity

The XP 800 was equipped with a 9-gallon fuel tank, allowing riders to enjoy extended periods on the water without the need for frequent refueling. The size of the fuel tank provided a decent fuel range, enabling riders to explore various waterways and enjoy longer rides before needing to refuel. The estimated range of the XP 800 would depend on factors such as throttle usage, riding conditions, and the weight of the rider. Nonetheless, the XP 800’s fuel tank capacity offered riders the freedom to venture out and experience uninterrupted fun on the water.

My Yellow 1996 Seadoo XP 787 Ski

1996 Seadoo XP 787 Gauges

Hood Design

The 1996 Seadoo XP 800 boasted a unique and eye-catching hood design. This distinctive feature added to the overall appeal and aesthetic of the jet ski. The hood design not only contributed to the XP 800’s stylish appearance but also had functional features. The hood provided easy access to essential components, such as the engine and fuel system, making maintenance and repairs more convenient. Its innovative design was a testament to Sea-Doo’s commitment to both style and functionality, ensuring that riders could enjoy both form and function in their XP 800.

Collectible Status

The 1996 Seadoo XP 800 has become a sought-after collectible in the personal watercraft market due to its high-performance capabilities and unique design. The ski has a dedicated fan base with enthusiasts and collectors, particularly racers and performance-oriented riders, which has elevated its collectible status. Acquiring a well-preserved original XP 800 is an exciting opportunity for those interested in owning a piece of jet ski history. Availability and pricing can vary, so thorough research on what is available when you are looking is advised. Owning a collectible XP 800, not only honors its legacy, but also offers the thrill of experiencing this remarkable personal watercraft firsthand.

1995 Seadoo XP 787 Ski

1995 XP 800 Limited

The 1995 XP 800 Limited shares many similarities with its successor, the 1996 XP 800. These two models were almost identical, making the XP 800 Limited a reliable and excellent option for those seeking high-performance and thrilling rides on the water. From its X-4 hull design to its 2-stroke Rotax engine, many key features remained consistent between the two models. This means that riders who enjoyed the XP 800 Limited would find a familiar and exciting experience on the 1996 XP 800.

However, despite their similarities, there were some key differences between the 1995 XP 800 Limited and the 1996 XP 800. These differences may influence a rider’s preference when choosing between the two. It’s important to consider factors such as design changes, performance enhancements, and any additional features or upgrades. By understanding the distinctions between these models, riders can make an informed decision based on their personal preferences and priorities.

1996 Seadoo XP 787 Engine


The heart of the 1996 Sea-Doo XP 800 was its powerful and reliable engine, which shared many similarities with its predecessor, the XP 800 Limited. The XP 800 was equipped with a Rotax twin engine, boasting a 2-stroke design that offered impressive performance and power. With a displacement of 782cc, this engine delivered a whopping 110 horsepower, providing riders with a thrilling and adrenaline-pumping experience. Additionally, the XP 800 featured dual Mikuni carbs, ensuring optimal fuel delivery for maximum power and efficiency. If you are in need of a New set of carburetor rebuild kits for your Mikuni carbs I only recommend using genuine Mikuni rebuild kits, you can use the link below to buy the proper sets:

1996 Seadoo XP 787 Genuine Mikuni Carb Kits

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The inclusion of R.A.V.E. exhaust valves further enhanced performance and improved throttle response, making the XP 800 an outstanding performer on the water.

Maintaining Your Ski

If your rubber original riveted mats have deteriorated and started to look like waves in the ocean then you can remove your old mats and replace them with PSA Black cut groove traction mats, just use the link below to pick the style and color you want for your ski:

1996 Seadoo XP Blacktip Traction Mat Set

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The above mats will look like this when they are properly installed:

1996 Seadoo Xp 787 Traction Mats Installed

Storing Your Ski

I recommend that you use a custom fit storage cover to keep your ski looking its best and you can use the link below to purchase one:

1995-1996 Seadoo XP Blacktip Storage Cover

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Take care of your ski and it will treat you right!


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