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Yamaha SUV 1200 Shore

The Yamaha SUV 1200 Waverunner 1999-2004: The Ultimate Family Friendly Personal Watercraft

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Get ready for the ultimate family adventure on the water with the Yamaha SUV 1200 Waverunner. This family-friendly personal watercraft is not only the largest on the market, measuring 151.6 inches long and 59.5 inches wide, but it also offers an array of impressive features. With its exceptional handling, spacious interior, and extensive combined storage capacity of 117 gallons, the SUV ensures that you have everything you need for a day of fun on the waves. Whether you’re looking to embark on thrilling water sports or simply relax and enjoy the ride, the Yamaha SUV 1200 Waverunner is the perfect choice.

Yamaha SUV 1200 Trailer


Size and Dimensions

The Yamaha SUV 1200 Waverunner is the largest personal watercraft on the market, measuring 151.6 inches long and 59.5 inches wide. Its impressive size allows for a spacious interior and ample storage capacity, making it the perfect choice for family outings and water enthusiasts, especially those who like to fish.

Hull Design

One of the standout features of the Yamaha SUV 1200 Waverunner is its unique hull design. With an ultra-wide and super-deep-V flared hull, it provides maximum displacement at rest, ensuring stability and a smooth ride even in choppy waters. The hull design also minimizes drag underway, allowing for better performance and fuel efficiency.

A nice upgrade to the SUV is installing a set of traction mats to give you a softer feel while riding and boarding your ski and it also helps keep your feet planted when maneuvering. Use the link below to purchase a set and pick the color and pattern that suits your style:

Yamaha SUV 1200 Traction Mats Set

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The Yamaha WaveRunner SUV 1200: Purchase Traction Mats Here!

Engine Power

Powering the Yamaha SUV 1200 Waverunner is a 135 horsepower Hydro Jet engine. This high-performance engine delivers impressive acceleration and top speeds, making it perfect for those who crave excitement on the water. Whether you’re cruising along the coastline or participating in water sports, the engine power of the SUV 1200 ensures an exhilarating experience.

Yamaha SUV 1200 Engine

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Unique Design Features of the Yamaha SUV 1200:

Closed-In Stern Design

The closed-in stern design of the Yamaha SUV 1200 Waverunner offers several advantages. It provides a secure and protected area, creating a sense of safety for passengers. Additionally, the closed-in stern design helps to keep water out, preventing it from splashing into the seating area, even during more aggressive maneuvers.

Spacious Interior

Step aboard the Yamaha SUV 1200 Waverunner and you’ll immediately notice the spacious interior. With ample room to accommodate up to four passengers, this personal watercraft is perfect for a family adventure. The spacious interior ensures everyone can ride comfortably, with plenty of legroom and space to relax and enjoy the ride.

Tilting Helm

The Yamaha SUV 1200 Waverunner features a tilting helm/ steering assembly, allowing you to adjust the steering position to your preference. This customizable feature ensures maximum control and comfort while operating the watercraft. Whether you prefer a higher or lower steering position, the tilting helm allows you to find the perfect setting for a more enjoyable ride.

Yamaha SUV 1200 Tilt Steering

Noise Reduction Technology

As part of Yamaha’s commitment to providing the best experience for its riders, the 1200 SUV Waverunner comes equipped with advanced noise reduction technology. This innovative feature minimizes engine noise, creating a quieter and more serene environment. Now you can fully immerse yourself in the beauty of your surroundings without any unnecessary distractions.

Fixed Self-Draining Inner Shell

The fixed self-draining inner shell in the bow of the Yamaha SUV 1200 Waverunner is another thoughtful design feature. This inner shell helps to keep the storage compartment dry and free from water accumulation. Now you can store your belongings with confidence, knowing that they will remain safe and dry even in wet conditions.

Yamaha SUV 1200 Foot Well Drain

Storage Capacity:

Large Port and Starboard Lockers

The Yamaha SUV 1200 Waverunner offers convenient storage solutions with its port and starboard lockers. These spacious compartments allow you to safely stow away your personal belongings, such as towels, sunscreen, and other essentials. These “wing like” storage compartments open up to reveal two extremely long storage compartments long enough to store fishing poles and water skis at the same time. Keep everything organized and easily accessible, ensuring a hassle-free outing on the water.

Glove Box

In addition to the lockers, the Yamaha SUV 1200 Waverunner also features a glove box. This smaller storage compartment is perfect for storing smaller items like your cellphone, keys, and wallet. With the glove box conveniently located within reach, you can keep your valuables safe and secure while enjoying your time out on the water.

Large Front Storage Compartment

The Yamaha SUV 1200 Waverunner boasts a large front storage compartment, offering an impressive 117 gallons of combined storage space. This generous capacity allows you to bring along larger items, such as coolers, beach chairs, and picnic baskets. Whether you’re planning a day trip or an extended adventure, the SUV 1200 has more than enough room to accommodate all your gear and equipment.


Performance and Handling:

Carving Hard Corners

The Yamaha SUV 1200 Waverunner is known for its impressive handling capabilities, allowing you to carve hard corners with ease. Whether you’re navigating through narrow channels or maneuvering around obstacles, the SUV 1200 responds quickly and smoothly to your commands. Its agility and responsiveness add to the thrill and excitement of riding this personal watercraft.

Yamaha SUV 1200 Sponson

Sweeping Turns

Not only does the Yamaha SUV 1200 Waverunner excel in carving hard corners, but it also handles sweeping turns with finesse. The combination of its unique hull design, powerful engine, and intuitive controls allows for seamless maneuvering. Whether you’re exploring open waters or winding through scenic waterways, the SUV 1200 effortlessly glides through sweeping turns, providing a thrilling and unforgettable experience.

Stability at Rest

Thanks to its ultra-wide and super-deep-V flared hull design, the Yamaha SUV 1200 Waverunner offers exceptional stability at rest. Whether you’re taking a break, enjoying a picnic, or simply soaking up the sun, you can do so with confidence. The stable platform of the SUV 1200 ensures a comfortable and secure experience, even when stationary.

Minimal Drag Underway

The hull design of the Yamaha SUV 1200 Waverunner not only provides stability at rest but also minimizes drag underway. This means that you’ll experience less resistance as you glide through the water, resulting in increased speed and improved fuel efficiency. Enjoy longer rides without having to worry about frequent refueling, thanks to the SUV 1200’s minimal drag design.

When you need to replace, update, or even just upgrade your impeller use the link below to purchase a new Solas impeller for your SUV:

Yamaha SUV 1200 Solas Impeller

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The Yamaha WaveRunner SUV 1200: Buy Solas Impeller Here!


Family-Friendly Features:

Suitable for Family Use

The Yamaha WaveRunner SUV 1200 is a perfect choice for family use. Its spacious interior and ability to accommodate up to four passengers ensure that everyone can join in on the fun. Whether you’re planning a day at the beach, a fishing trip, or simply a leisurely ride, the SUV 1200 offers a safe and enjoyable experience for the whole family.

Safe and Stable Riding

One of the top priorities for any family-friendly watercraft is safety. The Yamaha SUV 1200 delivers on this aspect with its stable riding experience. The combination of its unique hull design and stability at rest ensures that passengers of all ages can ride with confidence. Parents can relax and enjoy the ride, knowing that their loved ones are safe and secure.

Ability to Pull Skiers

For families who enjoy water sports, the Yamaha SUV 1200 offers the ability to pull skiers. Whether you’re a seasoned skier or just starting out, the powerful engine and stable platform of the SUV 1200 provide the perfect conditions for a thrilling skiing experience. Create lasting memories as you glide across the water, guided by the power of the Yamaha SUV 1200 Waverunner.

Yamaha SUV 1200 Tow Eyelet

Engine Information

Hydro Jet Engine

The Yamaha SUV 1200 Waverunner is powered by a high-performance Hydro Jet engine. This innovative propulsion system provides exceptional speed and acceleration, allowing you to experience the thrill of the open water. The Hydro Jet engine also offers efficient and precise control, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable ride for riders of all experience levels.

135 Horsepower

The WaveRunner SUV 1200 boasts an impressive 135 horsepower engine, delivering an exhilarating performance on the water. This powerful engine allows for quick acceleration and high top speeds, giving riders the ability to experience the excitement of speed and agility. Whether you’re exploring new waterways or racing across the open ocean, the SUV 1200’s engine power provides a thrilling ride.

If you are having problems with your carburetors on your SUV then you should be sure to only use the Genuine Mikuni carburetor rebuild kits, use the link below to purchase the sets to rebuild them properly:

Yamaha SUV 1200 Mikuni Carb Kits

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The Yamaha WaveRunner SUV 1200: Buy Carburetor Rebuild Kits Here!

Performance and Power

With its 135 horsepower Hydro Jet engine, the Yamaha SUV 1200 combines performance and power. This winning combination allows for quick acceleration, impressive speed, and exceptional handling. Whether you’re cruising along the coast or participating in water sports, the SUV 1200’s engine ensures that you’ll have the power and performance you need for an unforgettable experience.


Frequently Asked Questions About the Yamaha SUV 1200 Waverunner:

1. What is the Yamaha 1200 SUV Jet Ski WaveRunner? The Yamaha 1200 SUV Jet Ski WaveRunner is a personal watercraft designed for recreational use on the water.

2. What is the engine size and horsepower of the Yamaha 1200 SUV? The Yamaha 1200 SUV is equipped with a 1200cc, 2-stroke engine that produces approximately 135 horsepower.

3. What is the top speed of the Yamaha 1200 SUV? The top speed of the Yamaha 1200 SUV is approximately 45-50 mph, depending on various factors such as load and water conditions.

4. How many passengers can the Yamaha 1200 SUV accommodate? The Yamaha 1200 SUV can typically carry up to 4 passengers, making it a great option for family or group outings.

5. What is the fuel capacity of the Yamaha 1200 SUV? The fuel tank capacity of the Yamaha 1200 SUV is around 18.5 gallons (70 liters).

6. What type of fuel does the Yamaha 1200 SUV require? The Yamaha 1200 SUV typically runs on regular unleaded gasoline with a minimum octane rating of 87. I personally recommend that you run only 89-91 octane gas in your ski. When you are getting close to winterizing you should use the highest octane possible and marine fuel stabilizer along with it.

7. Can I tow a tube or water skier with the Yamaha 1200 SUV? Yes, the Yamaha 1200 SUV is typically equipped with a tow hook or pylon to allow towing of water sports equipment.

8. What is the weight of the Yamaha 1200 SUV WaveRunner? The dry weight of the Yamaha 1200 SUV is approximately 670 pounds (304 kg).

9. Does the Yamaha 1200 SUV have a reverse feature? Yes, it is equipped with a reverse feature that allows you to maneuver in tight spots or reverse out of tricky situations.

10. How often does the Yamaha 1200 SUV require maintenance? Maintenance schedules can vary, but regular maintenance may be recommended every 50 hours of operation or annually. Consult the owner’s manual for specific guidelines.

11. Can the Yamaha 1200 SUV be used in both freshwater and saltwater? Yes, but it’s important to rinse and maintain the WaveRunner properly after use in saltwater to prevent corrosion.


Yamaha SUV 4 Stroke Engine Conversion/ A Desirable Upgrade For Reliability:

The below video shows a recent trend among the Yamaha SUV owners. Since the SUV engine compartment has more than enough space for its original engine, it has allowed owners to attempt and succeed with transplanting larger more powerful engines. The below video shows a Yamaha SUV with an 1100 Yamaha VX engine, one of Yamaha’s most reliable engines ever built.


Suitable for Fishing:

Elevate Your Fishing Experience with the Yamaha SUV 1200 Waverunner

Fishing enthusiasts, prepare to take your angling adventures to new heights with the Yamaha SUV 1200 Waverunner. This watercraft is the ultimate choice for those who are passionate about fishing. Below, we’ll explore the features that make it an angler’s dream, including large storage capacity, customizable accessories, and unmatched stability.

Large Storage Compartments for Fishing Poles and Equipment

Imagine embarking on a full day of fishing, with the goal of reeling in some big catches. The Yamaha SUV 1200 makes this journey effortless with its spacious storage compartments. These compartments are thoughtfully designed to accommodate your fishing poles, tackle boxes, bait, and all the essential gear you need for a successful day of angling.

These ample storage spaces eliminate the need to leave any crucial gear behind. Say goodbye to the stress of choosing which fishing rods to bring or wondering how to squeeze your cooler onto the craft. The Yamaha SUV 1200 ensures that you have the flexibility to load up on all the equipment you need for a productive and enjoyable fishing experience, all without compromising your comfort or convenience.

Adding A Depth Finder Or Fish Finder

To enhance your fishing adventures further, you can integrate a depth finder or fish finder onto your Yamaha SUV 1200. These devices are indispensable for anglers, offering real-time data on water depth, fish locations, and underwater structures. By incorporating a depth finder or fish finder, you’ll gain a competitive edge in locating prime fishing spots, tracking schools of fish, and refining your angling strategy.

The ability to install these devices on your SUV 1200 opens up a world of possibilities for successful fishing trips. Whether you’re pursuing trophy catches in deep waters or navigating unfamiliar fishing grounds, these tools can significantly improve your chances of success.

Live Well Cooler for Your Catch

Adding a live well cooler to you SUV 1200 is a great accessory for holding your catch and keeping it fresh til you get it home. The cooler serves a dual purpose: it can keep your refreshments cold if you have it setup properly and provides a safe, controlled environment for your catches. Adding a cooler ensures that your freshly caught fish remain in optimal condition.

The live well cooler guarantees that your catches stay fresh and retain their quality throughout your fishing expedition. Even though the SUV 1200 is not factory-equipped with a cooler, it’s an accessory readily available from suppliers, making it a valuable addition for dedicated anglers. Some people have sourced and fitted live well coolers in their storage compartments, but most have found that a large centrally mounted cooler on the boarding platform works best.

Fishing Pole Holders

To further elevate your fishing game, consider adding fishing pole holders to your Yamaha SUV 1200. These accessories are available from suppliers and can be easily installed on the craft. The holders are strategically placed to secure your fishing rods, allowing you to multitask or relax while keeping your lines in the water.

Fishing pole holders are a game-changer for those who enjoy trolling or managing multiple lines at once. With your rods securely in place, you can monitor your baits and respond promptly to any fish strikes without constantly holding your rods. This convenience adds another layer of efficiency and enjoyment to your fishing experience.

Stability for Fishing with Multiple Passengers

Stability is a critical factor when it comes to fishing from a personal watercraft, and the Yamaha SUV 1200 Waverunner shines in this aspect. Its ultra-wide and super-deep-V flared hull design guarantees remarkable stability, even when you have multiple passengers on board. Whether you’re casting lines, reeling in big catches, or simply relishing the joy of fishing with friends or family, the SUV 1200 offers a stable and secure platform that minimizes rocking or tipping.

This stability extends to the stand-up platform, providing ample room for multiple anglers to move around comfortably while fishing. You can expect a steadfast and secure experience, allowing you to fully focus on your fishing pursuits without any interruptions. The Yamaha SUV 1200’s design ensures that everyone on board can savor the fishing experience, making it an excellent choice for group outings.

The Yamaha SUV 1200 Waverunner is tailor-made for avid anglers, offering features that significantly enhance your fishing outings. With its large storage compartments, customizable accessories, and unrivaled stability, it ensures you have the tools and comfort needed for a prosperous day of fishing. Whether you prefer solo fishing adventures or enjoy fishing with friends and family, the Yamaha SUV 1200 is ready to take your angling experiences to the next level.

Checkout the ski below that has been fitted with a cooler, rod holders, Fish Finder/ Depth Finder and other accessories to make a day of fishing a blast! A couple of the pictures show the install steps for the Depth finder/ GPS module. If you are interested in adding a GPS Depth Finder/ Fish Finder to your ski, checkout the options available on Amazon here: Helix 5 Hummingbird Options

Versatile for Water Sports:

Ability to Pull Skiers

In addition to its suitability for fishing, the Yamaha SUV 1200 Waverunner is also versatile for various water sports. With the ability to pull skiers, wakeboarders, and other towable water toys, the SUV 1200 offers endless opportunities for fun and excitement on the water. Experience the thrill of gliding across the water, guided by the power of the SUV 1200 Waverunner.

Enjoyment for Watersport Enthusiasts

Whether you’re a seasoned watersport enthusiast or just starting out, the Yamaha SUV 1200 Waverunner provides endless enjoyment. From tubing to wakeboarding, the SUV 1200 offers a stable and thrilling ride for all. The combination of its powerful engine, exceptional handling, and stability ensures that you’ll have a fantastic time participating in your favorite watersports activities.

In conclusion, the Yamaha SUV 1200 Waverunner is a truly remarkable personal watercraft. Its impressive size, unique design features, spacious interior, and ample storage capacity make it the perfect choice for families and water enthusiasts alike. With its exceptional performance, handling capabilities, and versatility for water sports, the SUV 1200 offers an unforgettable experience on the water. Whether you’re cruising along the coast, enjoying a family outing, or participating in water sports, the Yamaha SUV 1200 Waverunner is sure to provide endless fun, excitement, and memories for years to come.


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