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2009 Seadoo RXT X 255 In The Lake

Supreme Power Revealed: The Unforgettable 2009 Seadoo RXT-X 255 Review

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The 2009 Seadoo RXT-X 255 is a personal watercraft that offers impressive performance, quality, and reliability. With its sleek design and powerful engine, this PWC is perfect for those looking for a thrilling ride on the water. The RXT™ X 255 features a fuel-injected supercharged engine with three cylinders, providing excellent acceleration and top speed. Its modified “V” hull type and sponsons ensure stability and maneuverability, while the automatic siphon bilge system adds convenience. With a spacious seating capacity of three, this watercraft also offers a comfortable and enjoyable riding experience. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a beginner, the 2009 Sea-Doo RXT™ X 255 is a fantastic choice for your next water adventure.

The Seadoo RXT-X 255 Engine

The heart of the 2009 Seadoo RXT-X 255 is its powerful and efficient engine, designed to deliver a thrilling riding experience with a perfect balance between power and fuel efficiency. Sporting an inline engine configuration with three cylinders, the Seadoo RXT-X 255 achieves a harmonious blend of power and efficiency, ensuring an exhilarating journey on the water.

Operating on a 4-stroke cycle, the engine of the Seadoo RXT-X 255 stands out for its efficiency and environmental considerations. Each piston completes four separate strokes to execute a full combustion cycle, resulting in improved fuel economy, reduced emissions, and smooth power delivery – enhancing both performance and environmental friendliness.

2009 Seadoo RXT-X 255 Supercharged Engine Bay

Boasting a displacement of 1494cc, the engine’s generous size plays a pivotal role in the RXT-X 255’s impressive acceleration and top-speed capabilities. Its acceleration was extremely impressive, going from 0 to 30 mph in just 1.5 seconds. This larger displacement allows the engine to produce more power, contributing to the watercraft’s remarkable performance on the water.

The Seadoo RXT-X 255 further distinguishes itself with a top speed of approximately 65-67 mph, driven by a larger supercharger that elevates the engine power to 255 horsepower. The engine’s advanced features include a larger external intercooler, sharing the open-loop cooling system with the exhaust system, ensuring optimal temperature regulation. Additionally the engine is fitted with a 52mm throttle body on the intake manifold providing consistent and precise air flow through the engine. The 2009 Seadoo RXT-X 255’s engine is a powerhouse that not only delivers thrilling speed but also incorporates advanced features for optimal efficiency and performance on the water.

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Dimensions and Weight

When examining the dimensions and weight of the Seadoo RXT-X 255, it becomes evident that this personal watercraft is meticulously designed to strike a harmonious balance between size, stability, and agility. Measuring around 10.83 feet (130 inches)in length, the RXT-X 255 provides a moderate-sized platform that caters to a variety of riding styles, ensuring versatility on the water.

With a width of approximately 48 inches, this watercraft offers a stable foundation for riders, instilling confidence and control across different water conditions. The emphasis on stability is further accentuated by a height of around 46.5 inches, providing a comfortable and ergonomically designed seating position. The lower profile not only enhances stability but also reduces wind resistance, contributing to a smoother and more enjoyable ride for enthusiasts.

In terms of weight, the Seadoo RXT-X 255 boasts a dry weight of approximately 804 pounds (365 kilograms). This weight encompasses the essential components of the watercraft, excluding any additional cargo or fuel. The relatively light dry weight enhances the personal watercraft’s agility and responsiveness, ensuring a dynamic and nimble handling experience on the water. The dimensions and weight of the 2009 Seadoo RXT-X 255 reflect a thoughtful design that prioritizes stability, control, and maneuverability, making it a standout choice for riders seeking a versatile and enjoyable watercraft.

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Body: Hull Material and Type

When it comes to the body and hull of the 2009 Seadoo RXT-X 255, meticulous craftsmanship and advanced materials contribute to its exceptional performance on the water. The body of the RXT™ X 255 is skillfully constructed using fiberglass reinforced composite (FRC) material. This choice of material not only ensures durability and longevity but also maintains an excellent strength-to-weight ratio, crucial for optimizing performance without compromise.

In harmony with the body material, the hull of the Sea-Doo RXT™ X 255 is also crafted from fiberglass reinforced composite (FRC). This robust hull material is specifically chosen to provide optimal buoyancy, stability, and resistance to the harsh marine environment, reinforcing the watercraft’s resilience and reliability.

As for the hull type, the Sea-Doo RXT™ X 255 boasts a modified V-shaped hull design. This innovative configuration strikes a perfect balance between stability and agility. The modified V-shape allows for precise cornering, smooth rides even in choppy waters, and an overall enhancement in performance. The thoughtful combination of body and hull materials, along with the modified V-shaped hull, showcases the 2009 Seadoo RXT-X 255 as a watercraft designed for durability, stability, and exceptional maneuverability, making it an ideal choice for enthusiasts seeking a thrilling and reliable riding experience.

Number of Seats

The Seadoo RXT-X 255 is designed to accommodate up to three passengers. With its spacious seating configuration, riders can bring along family or friends for an exciting and memorable water adventure.


To further enhance stability and reduce the risk of tipping, the Seadoo RXT-X 255 is equipped with sponsons. These protrusions on the sides of the watercraft engage with the water, providing additional lift and improving lateral stability during turns and maneuvers.

2009 Seadoo RXT-X 255 Sponsons and OPAS Paddles

Off Power Assisted Steering (OPAS) System

The 2009 Seadoo RXT-X 255 uses an Off Power Assisted Steering (OPAS) system, a revolutionary feature designed to enhance maneuverability and control during your water adventures. This steering assist system, a hallmark of Sea-Doo watercraft, employs two mechanical paddles to reduce the effort required for steering when you release the throttle lever. This results in a more enjoyable and effortless riding experience, allowing riders to navigate with ease.

Sea-Doo’s OPAS (Off-Power Assisted Steering) system addresses a significant challenge faced by older jet skis – the inability to turn without throttle input. Particularly concerning for inexperienced riders, this design flaw could lead to risky situations, especially when attempting to steer without throttle power. The OPAS system ingeniously tackles this issue with two mechanical rudders mounted on the rear side of the hull, activated in off-throttle situations to provide essential directional control.

Also referred to as OPAS fins or OPAS paddles, these mechanical rudders were strategically placed just behind the sponsons. The OPAS system’s operation is controlled by the handlebar, ensuring that the mechanical rudders are activated by low water pressure in the pump during off-throttle moments. As long as throttle input is applied, the rudders remain inactive, and the jetski is steered solely by the jet pump. In essence, the 2009 Seadoo RXT-X 255 with its OPAS system redefines control and safety, offering riders a seamless and responsive steering experience both on and off power.

Factory Equipped Performance Intake Grate

Enhancing the 2009 Seadoo RXT-X 255’s watercraft dynamics, a factory-equipped high-performance intake grate plays a pivotal role in optimizing water intake and control. This specialized grate features a wing designed to scoop water through the grate and into the pump, creating a ramp-like effect that not only aids in water channeling but also enhances the watercraft’s stability and control on the waves. The factory scoop grate efficiently directs water to the pump, particularly beneficial in challenging choppy water conditions.

2008-2009 Seadoo RXT-X 255 Intake Grate

Unlike a conventional grate, this factory-installed scoop grate prioritizes control over top speed, ensuring the ski maintains better stability and responsiveness. The strategic design of the scoop grate complements the power generated by the ski, allowing for a more controlled and enjoyable riding experience. In essence, the 2009 Seadoo RXT-X 255’s factory-equipped performance intake grate is a testament to its commitment to precision engineering, delivering enhanced control and maneuverability on the water.

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Boarding Step

For easy and convenient access to the watercraft, the Seadoo RXT-X 255 is equipped with a re-boarding step. This feature allows riders to easily climb onto the personal watercraft from the water, making boarding and re-boarding effortless and hassle-free.

Race-Inspired Steering and Handlebars

The 2009 Seadoo RXT-X 255 sets itself apart with its race-inspired steering and handlebars, embodying a commitment to durability, control, and comfort. Crafted from rugged anodized aluminum, the adjustable handlebars allow owners to fine-tune the height for a personalized and comfortable riding experience, which in turn also offers more control. Unlike other Seadoos that use plastic steering shafts, this watercraft features a race-inspired metal steering system, enhancing its robust and high-performance design.

2009 Seadoo RXT-X 255 Aluminum Switch Housing & Throttle Lever

Adding to the race-inspired elements, the RXT-X 255 comes equipped with a billet aluminum finger throttle, a more responsive alternative to the plastic thumb throttle trigger found on other Seadoos. The aluminum switch housing on the left side of the handlebar contains the start/stop button and variable trim toggle button, which complements the overall design, ensuring both functionality and durability.

2009 Seadoo RXT-X 255 Steering and Handlebars

One noteworthy detail in the steering system is the inclusion of a steel-braided throttle cable, deviating from the nylon-coated cables found in other Seadoos. This strategic choice aims to prevent corrosion and enhance long-term durability, especially considering that the cable is exposed and not hidden inside the steering cover like other Seadoos.

The 2009 Seadoo RXT-X 255’s race-inspired steering and handlebars showcase a fusion of performance, precision, and resilience, delivering a watercraft experience that aligns with the demands of enthusiasts seeking top-notch control and enduring quality.

Digital Encoded Security System(D.E.S.S.) Key With Learning Mode

The 2009 Seadoo RXT-X 255 prioritizes security and user control with its Digital Encoded Security System (D.E.S.S.) Key, serving as an effective anti-theft measure to safeguard the watercraft from unauthorized use. This key which is dealer programmable for added flexibility, offers a unique feature known as the learning key, designed specifically for less experienced riders. The learning key acts as a safety and convenience feature, strategically limiting the throttle range to prevent full power, ensuring a controlled and safe learning experience on the water.

Distinguished by its white floating section, the learning key stands in contrast to the standard normal yellow key. This visual distinction allows riders to easily identify and utilize the learning key when needed. The option to program a learning key enhances the 2009 Seadoo RXT-X 255’s versatility, catering to riders of varying experience levels while maintaining a robust security system. The D.E.S.S. Key with Learning Mode exemplifies the watercraft’s commitment to both security and user-friendly design, ensuring a customized and secure riding experience for all.

Digital Instrumentation

The 2009 Seadoo RXT-X 255 features state-of-the-art Digital Instrumentation, offering riders real-time performance insights for an enhanced and informed watercraft experience. This advanced display provides essential information such as speed, engine RPM, and fuel levels, ensuring riders stay in control throughout their journey.

In addition to standard features, the digital instrumentation on the RXT-X 255 is equipped with an electronic compass and a water temperature sensor reading integrated directly into the gauge. This innovative addition delivers instant access to water temperature, allowing riders to gauge environmental conditions. The electronic compass further enhances navigation capabilities, providing a comprehensive view of the surroundings.

2009 Seadoo RXT-X 255 Digital Instrumentation

The Digital Instrumentation on the 2009 Seadoo RXT-X 255 serves as a compact yet powerful information hub, empowering riders with real-time data and reinforcing its commitment to innovation and rider-centric design. If you are in need of a New MFA cluster for your Seadoo checkout the link below to purchase one or if you would just like more info about them:

2009 Seadoo RXT-X 255 MFA Cluster

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Variable Trim System

To optimize performance and adjust the watercraft’s handling characteristics, the Sea-Doo RXT-X 255 is equipped with a variable trim system. This feature enables riders to adjust the angle of the jet nozzle, altering the watercraft’s attitude in the water. By adjusting the trim, riders can achieve the desired balance between stability, maneuverability, and top speed.

Rearview Mirrors

For enhanced safety and visibility, the Seadoo RXT-X 255 comes equipped with rearview mirrors. These mirrors allow riders to monitor their surroundings and be aware of any potential hazards or other watercraft in their vicinity. The inclusion of rearview mirrors promotes safe navigation and awareness on the water.

Bilge System Type

The Seadoo RXT-X 255 features an automatic siphon bilge system. This system automatically removes any accumulated water from the hull, ensuring a dry and safe riding experience. The automatic nature of the bilge system eliminates the need for manual intervention, providing peace of mind to riders.

Fuel Capacity

The Seadoo RXT-X 255 features a fuel capacity of 15.9 gallons(60.2 liters). This ample fuel capacity allows for extended riding sessions without the need for refueling. The larger fuel tank also ensures peace of mind when exploring remote or less populated waterways.

Storage Capacity and Storage Compartments

When it comes to storage, the 2009 Seadoo RXT-X 255 excels in offering both ample capacity and thoughtful compartmentalization for added convenience. With a generous storage capacity of 4 cubic feet, 29.6 gallons(112 liters), the RXT™ X 255 provides a spacious storage compartment. This dedicated space proves invaluable for riders, allowing them to stow away essential items like safety equipment, personal belongings, or small water-related accessories. The result is a clutter-free and organized riding experience, emphasizing practicality.

Beyond the designated storage compartment, the Sea-Doo RXT™ X 255 goes the extra mile by incorporating multiple storage compartments throughout the watercraft. These additional compartments cater to the need for storing smaller items, including towels, personal electronics, or beverages. Having these compartments strategically placed ensures that riders have easy access to their belongings during the ride. The thoughtful design not only enhances convenience but also contributes to maintaining a tidy and organized watercraft. In essence, the 2009 Seadoo RXT-X 255 strikes a balance between ample storage capacity and well-designed compartments, providing riders with a practical and organized solution for carrying their essentials on the water.

Pricing and Popularity

At its release in 2008, the Seadoo RXT-X 255 was priced at $13,299. While it may have been an investment, the performance and features it offered made it well worth the price for those who sought high-performance watercraft. This personal watercraft quickly gained popularity among performance-minded riders who were looking for an adrenaline-pumping experience on the water.

However, as with any industry, technology and innovation don’t stand still. In 2010, the Seadoo RXT-X 255 made way for its successors, the RXT-X 260 and RXT-X iS 260. These models built upon the RXT-X 255’s success and offered even more advanced features and enhanced performance. Despite being replaced, the RXT-X 255 still holds a special place in the hearts of many riders who were captivated by its power and agility.

If you want to preserve your investment and keep your ski safe from the harmful weather and sun you should checkout the OEM Seadoo Storage Cover at the link below:

2009 Seadoo RXT-X 255 OEM Storage Cover

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Although the Seadoo RXT-X 255 is no longer in production, enthusiasts can still find used models for sale on various online platforms. These pre-owned personal watercraft offer an opportunity for riders to experience the thrill and performance of the RXT-X 255 at a potentially more affordable price point. For those who missed out on owning one when it was first released, this presents a chance to have a taste of the excitement that this high-performance watercraft has to offer.

2009 Seadoo RXT-X 255 On The Water


In conclusion, the 2009 Seadoo RXT-X 255 stands out as a remarkable personal watercraft, combining exhilarating performance with a commitment to quality and reliability. Boasting an impressive overall performance, the Seadoo RXT-X 255 is powered by a robust supercharged engine, complemented by a lightweight construction that ensures agile handling. Whether you crave thrilling speed or prefer smooth cruising, this watercraft guarantees an unforgettable riding experience.

Seadoo’s dedication to quality and reliability is evident in the RXT-X 255. Crafted with durable materials, advanced engineering, and subjected to rigorous testing, it proves to be a resilient watercraft capable of withstanding the demanding conditions of the water, promising years of dependable performance.

The emphasis on rider comfort is another standout feature of the Seadoo RXT-X 255. Its spacious seating, ergonomic design, and advanced features prioritize comfort, offering a smooth and fatigue-free experience for riders, whether on a short joyride or a full-day exploration.

Considering its impressive performance, quality craftsmanship, and advanced features, the 2009 Seadoo RXT-X 255 provides excellent value for water enthusiasts. This personal watercraft excels in performance, reliability, comfort, and features, making it a standout choice in the realm of personal watercraft. Overall, the RXT-X 255 is a testament to Seadoo’s commitment to delivering a superior and satisfying riding experience.

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