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2022 Yamaha Jet Blaster On Lake

Experience the Ultimate Rush: 2022 Yamaha Jet Blaster Review

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Get ready for the exhilarating experience of a lifetime with the 2022 Yamaha Jet Blaster. This waverunner is pure excitement personified, combining graffiti-inspired styling, a top-quality engine, and incredible agility. Designed for adrenaline seekers, the Yamaha Jet Blaster offers user-friendly handling that allows you to quickly conquer the waves. With rear mounted foot chocks for mastering tricks, a purpose-built freestyle handlebar for slick moves, and enhanced electric trim for easy control, this is the ultimate thrill-seeking machine. Crafted from NanoXcel2 for strength and lightness, and powered by a TR-1 High Output engine, the Jet Blaster provides an unmatched power-to-weight ratio. Don’t miss out on this incredible ride. Purchase one today and hit the water for an unforgettable adventure.

2022 Yamaha Jet Blaster Jumping

2022 Yamaha Jet Blaster Specifications

The 2022 Yamaha Jet Blaster is a thrilling and exciting personal watercraft that offers a range of impressive specifications for an unforgettable riding experience. Let’s explore the details of its engine, dimensions, weight and features.


The Yamaha Jet Blaster is equipped with a high-output TR-1 engine, renowned for its exceptional performance and power delivery. This 110HP fuel-injected 4-stroke, 3-cylinder engine delivers immediate acceleration, igniting an exhilarating rush of speed on the water with its rapid response. With a displacement of 1,049cc and a compression ratio of 11.0:1, riders can anticipate an amazing ride, characterized by impressive power and quick responsiveness.

Yamaha Jet Blaster TR-1 Engine

Backing its robust performance, the Jet Blaster incorporates an open loop water-cooling system, a testament to Yamaha’s commitment to maintaining optimal engine temperatures, even during rigorous riding endeavors. This innovative cooling system ensures consistent and reliable performance, allowing enthusiasts to push the boundaries without compromising on the engine’s capabilities. Yamaha’s dedication to engineering excellence is evident in the Jet Blaster’s TR-1 engine, delivering not just power and acceleration but also reliability and durability, ensuring an electrifying and dependable ride for water sports enthusiasts.

2022 Yamaha Jet Blaster: Pure Fun Personified

Dimensions and Weight

The Yamaha Jet Blaster is designed with a focus on both performance and maneuverability. It has a length of 123.6″(3.14 meters), a width of 44.5″(1.13 meters), and a height of 46.5″(1.15 meters). This height is only 1.2″ higher than the EXR because of the freestyle handlebars. These dimensions make it agile and easy to handle, allowing you to navigate through tight spaces with ease.

Despite its compact size, the Yamaha Jet Blaster boasts a dry weight of 549lbs(249 kilograms), providing stability and balance while riding. This ensures that you can confidently maneuver the personal watercraft and enjoy a smooth and thrilling experience on the water. When compared to the EXR which the Jet Blaster replaced, the Jet Blaster is 9lbs heavier than the EXR.

Rider Capacity

The Jet Blaster is designed to accommodate up to three riders, making it perfect for thrilling water adventures with friends or family. With its spacious seating area, everyone can experience the excitement and fun of riding this powerful personal watercraft. It is obviously alot more fun to ride the Jet Blaster by yourself though.

Storage Capacity

With a storage capacity of 7.7 Gallons (29 liters), the Jet Blaster offers ample space to store your personal belongings while you’re out on the water. Whether you’re carrying snacks, drinks, or essential gear, you can keep everything organized and within easy reach. There are additional accessory add-ons available to add more storage areas for the Jet Blaster and EX models if you are not satisfied with what is included from the factory. Checkout one of the additional upgraded storage accessory add-ons that gives the Jet Blaster and EX models alot more storage:

Yamaha Jet Blaster Front Storage Dry Bag
Yamaha Jet Blaster Front Storage Dry Bag

Fuel Tank Size

The 2022 Yamaha Jet Blaster comes equipped with a 13.2-gallon (50-liter) fuel tank, enabling enthusiasts to enjoy a full day of uninterrupted riding on the water. This generous fuel capacity minimizes the need for frequent refueling stops, providing extended ride times and enhancing the craft’s versatility for both leisurely cruises and high-speed adventures. Yamaha’s focus on efficient fuel consumption ensures optimal performance while maintaining a balance between power and economy, offering riders an enhanced experience without compromising on range or excitement.

Jet Pump Specs

The Yamaha Jet Blaster is equipped with a 144 mm high-pressure stainless steel axial flow jet pump. This advanced pump design ensures exceptional thrust, agility, and durability on the water. Yamaha’s use of high-quality materials like stainless steel enhances longevity and performance, while the axial flow design maximizes propulsion efficiency, contributing to the watercraft’s impressive speed and handling. This expertly crafted jet pump system ensures the Jet Blaster delivers an exhilarating and dependable ride, highlighting its emphasis on power, control, and resilience on the water.

Yamaha Jet Blaster Jet Pump

Top Speed

The Yamaha Jet Blaster achieves an impressive top speed ranging between 53 to 55 mph with favorable conditions, marking its impressive performance on the water. Notably, the Jet Blaster shares a similar top speed to its predecessor, the Yamaha EXR, highlighting their comparative capabilities in speed. While both skis, similar in size and features, exhibit this impressive speed range, the Jet Blaster’s additional features elevate its overall experience, offering riders enhanced functionalities for a more dynamic ride.


The Jet Blaster is packed with a range of features that contribute to its performance and user-friendly design. Let’s take a closer look at what sets this personal watercraft apart.

If you want to take some music with you while you’re riding checkout this cool option Yamaha offers which is a foot well audio kit for the Jet Blaster and EX models:

Yamaha Jet Blaster Footwell Audio Kit

Purchase Your Yamaha Jet Blaster Footwell Audio Kit Here!

Graffiti-Inspired Styling

The Jet Blaster’s design is inspired by graffiti, giving it a unique and eye-catching appearance. With its bold and vibrant colors, this personal watercraft stands out from the crowd and captures attention wherever it goes.

Yamaha Jet Blaster Graffiti Styling

NanoXcel2® Hull and Body

The Yamaha Jet Blaster stands out for its construction featuring NanoXcel2®, a cutting-edge material renowned for its superior strength and lightweight nature. This innovative choice not only fortifies the watercraft’s durability but also significantly enhances its agility and speed on the water. Yamaha’s commitment to excellence is unmistakable in the Jet Blaster’s design, utilizing NanoXcel2® for both the hull and deck to ensure a robust, agile watercraft. By harnessing the properties of NanoXcel2®, Yamaha has created a personal watercraft that excels in both durability and performance, allowing riders to enjoy a dynamic and exhilarating experience on the waves. This advanced construction showcases Yamaha’s dedication to providing riders with a high-quality, durable, and agile Jet Blaster that delivers top-notch performance.

Top Loader Intake Grate

The 2022 Yamaha Jet Blaster showcases a formidable factory-installed top loader intake grate, designed to elevate its performance on the water. This innovative feature is similar to the aftermarket alternatives offered by Riva Racing and Solas. While standard fin grates often prioritize top speed, the Yamaha Jet Blaster’s top loader intake grate excels in maintaining superior traction and stability. This specialized grate maximizes the water flow through the pump, harnessing the force generated as water is drawn up and over its scooped area. This design ensures the Jet Blaster remains firmly planted in the water, enhancing its agility and responsiveness. The factory-fitted top loader intake grate strikes a precise balance, offering riders unparalleled control and confidence while navigating challenging waters.

Modern Design Two Color Traction Mats

The Jet Blaster showcases an innovative and contemporary feature with its modern design two-color traction mats. These mats, revealed in body color powder blue and black, not only add a stylish touch but also serve a functional purpose. Crafted for enhanced grip and stability, these mats offer riders a secure footing while maneuvering the watercraft, ensuring greater control and confidence during thrilling rides. Yamaha’s attention to detail extends to these mats, utilizing high-quality materials to provide durability and resilience against the elements. With their striking color combination and practicality, these traction mats complement the Jet Blaster’s overall aesthetics while prioritizing rider safety and performance on the water.

Yamaha Jet Blaster Modern Two Color Traction Mats

Foot Chocks for Advanced Moves, Tricks and Stunts

The Yamaha Jet Blaster showcases rear-mounted foot chocks crafted to enhance riders’ abilities to new levels. These specialized foot chocks are an integral feature, enabling enthusiasts to execute advanced maneuvers effortlessly. Crafted to deliver stability and precise control, they empower riders to unleash an array of tricks, flicks, and stunts with remarkable ease. Whether you’re aiming for aerial acrobatics or fine-tuning your performance on the waves, these foot chocks provide the support necessary to confidently showcase your skills. With the Jet Blaster’s thoughtful inclusion of these foot chocks, riders can embrace the thrill of pushing boundaries while experiencing enhanced stability and control for their high-flying maneuvers.

Yamaha Jet Blaster Foot Chocks

Wide, Curved Handlebars For Slick Moves

The Yamaha Jet Blaster comes fitted with wide, curved freestyle handlebars, specifically engineered to define a distinctive riding experience. These ergonomically designed handlebars not only offer a unique style and color but also deliver exceptional control and maneuverability. With this purposeful design, riders can effortlessly navigate twists and turns, ensuring a seamless and responsive ride on the water. The Jet Blaster’s handlebar isn’t just a standard feature; it’s tailored to empower riders, enabling them to execute slick maneuvers with precision and confidence. Emphasizing both style and functionality, these handlebars are a testament to Yamaha’s commitment to enhancing the rider’s experience, enabling them to ride with confidence while showcasing their skills on the waves.

2022 Yamaha Jet Blaster Wide Curved Freestyle Handlebar

Round Grip for Greater Connected Feeling

To further enhance the rider’s experience, the Jet Blaster features a round grip on the handlebars. This design offers a greater connected feeling, allowing you to have a firm grip and maintain control even in challenging riding situations.

Enhanced Electric Trim for On-the-Go Adjustment

The Jet Blaster boasts an advanced electric trim system that empowers riders with on-the-fly adjustments to the watercraft’s trim angle. This enhanced feature offers quick and precise control, allowing riders to optimize performance seamlessly amidst varying water conditions. With the capability to adjust the craft’s trim angle while riding, enthusiasts can fine-tune the Jet Blaster’s handling, ensuring a consistently smooth and enjoyable experience on the water. Yamaha’s focus on enhancing the electric trim system underscores their commitment to providing riders with unparalleled control and adaptability, ensuring an exhilarating and personalized ride in diverse aquatic settings.

Storage Capacity

The Yamaha Jet Blaster presents a thoughtful approach to storage, offering a mix of compartments tailored for various essentials on the water. Its cavernous glovebox boasts remarkable depth and an arm-sized opening, providing ample space for larger items or gear. Beneath the hood, a smaller front storage bin complements the glovebox, while a reasonably sized stepped bucket beneath the seat accommodates additional items.

For those seeking enhanced storage options, Yamaha offers three OEM accessory solutions to amplify the Jet Blaster’s storage capabilities. The first solution replaces the front storage base bucket with a sealable dry bag insert, ensuring added protection for valuable items(Pictured earlier in the article). The second option is a black zippered add-on bag that conveniently attaches to the rear grab handle without compromising its functionality.

Finally, the third solution is a zippered bag designed to mount onto the hood/front hatch, offering a convenient space for quick-access essentials such as phones, small navigation units, or MP3 players. These customized storage solutions provide versatility and convenience, allowing riders to tailor their Yamaha Jet Blaster to suit their storage needs while keeping essential items secure and easily accessible during their aquatic adventures.

Yamaha Jet Blaster Rear Storage Bag

Get Your Yamaha Jet Blaster Rear Grab Handle Storage Bag Here Today!

Yamaha Jet Blaster Front Over Hood Storage Bag

Get Your Yamaha Jet Blaster Front Over Hood Storage Bag Here Today!

2022 Yamaha Jet Blaster Conclusion

The Yamaha Jet Blaster emerges as a true marvel, seamlessly blending eye-catching graffiti-inspired aesthetics with unmatched performance. Designed to create unforgettable moments on the water, this personal watercraft stands as an epitome of exhilarating adventures.

Bolstered by a remarkable power-to-weight ratio, the Jet Blaster combines a lightweight build with a potent engine, delivering exceptional performance while ensuring nimble handling and agility. Its compact dimensions and responsive maneuverability enable effortless navigation through twists and turns, promising a dynamic and thrilling ride that’s second to none.

Moreover, despite its adrenaline-pumping capabilities, the Yamaha Jet Blaster prioritizes user-friendly handling, making it accessible to riders of various skill levels. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced enthusiast, its ease of control ensures a safe and enjoyable experience on the water, amplifying the joy of every ride.

At the heart of this thrilling experience lies the TR-1® High Output Engine, purposefully designed to fuel the thrill-seeking desires of riders. This engine embodies power and performance, ensuring each moment on the water is marked by an adrenaline rush, creating unforgettable memories.

The Yamaha Jet Blaster has swiftly become a sensation among water sports aficionados, impressing riders with its captivating design, top-tier performance, and exhilarating features. It’s an invitation to a world of endless excitement and memorable rides, catering to riders of all skill levels and promising an unparalleled thrill while conquering the waves.

So, seize the opportunity to experience the sheer power, remarkable agility, and unparalleled excitement offered by the 2022 Yamaha Jet Blaster. Embrace the thrill and adventure it brings forth – find one to call your own and embark on an unforgettable journey across the waters. Your adventure awaits!

2022 Yamaha Jet Blaster: Profile

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